When I was younger I watched reruns of The Simpsons daily. There’s one episode where Springfield Elementary is let out of school for Spring Break and Milhouse jumps down the front steps, rips open his shirt and yells, “Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnngg breakkkk!” and proceeds to look awkward when no one else responds to what he does. For some reason this scene always runs through my head when I speak, write or otherwise interact with the whole Spring Break idea.

Whew. Now that story time is out of the way, let me tell you a little about my Spring Break. I decided to go to London and then on a whim I added on a weekend in Amsterdam. I was traveling by myself because I never had vacationed on my own before and I wanted to try it out.

Turns out, it’s a real downer.

At least, for me it was. I’ve been to London and Amsterdam before, but decided to revisit because they’re both wonderful cities. However, I didn’t accomplish much because things just weren’t the same without a partner in crime. And someone to read the maps. :) I didn’t get my camera out very often either because I just wasn’t feeling the photo vibe. Weird, I know.

There is one moment that I don’t have photos of and I’m kind of kicking myself for it. As I was walking around my first morning in London I passed the Westminster Courthouse. There was a super cute couple outside; the lady in a simple white sheath and birdcage veil and her new husband in a dapper black suit. They were standing proudly under the building sign in a bubble of just-married-bliss, but I noticed that they only had the maid of honor with a point and shoot camera taking standard posed photos. While the Best Man, in his kilt, held various coats and other things. If I could go back, I would walk up to that couple and ask to take some portraits for them. But, at the time I was just too intimidated. Who was I to burst into their moment? To ruin the specialness they were sharing with two of their closest friends? Maybe Karma will be nice to me someday and present me with another opportunity?

Anywho, below are some photos I did manage to capture whilst I wondered around London and Amsterdam.

The only worthy photo I took in Amsterdam. There was some kind of rowing race going on and the birds were alllll riled up about it.

Happy Spring!


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