Here in Deutschland there is quite an intense system of recycling. It permeates everything you do. There are, at any given time, four separate bins for you to throw your trash away. It terrifies me. Who knew that something as simple as a candybar wrapper could fell me? Alas, I’ve come up with a brilliant solution–I refuse to throw things away. Avoidance is always the best policy, right?

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking you need to send me the number of the best psychologist you know, you’re right. But that has nothing do with this current situation. ;) I actually do throw away my trash, but I’ve kept all of my bottles because you must return these to a grocery store. In exchange you get between 10 and 15 cents per bottle toward your next grocery purchase. Since the grocery store is a pretty good walk from my house, I’ve just decided to see how many bottles I can collect before I turn into Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout.

Hoarding aside, I’m finally starting to enjoy my time in this country. I’ve been able to do some traveling and I’ll share those photos in an upcoming post.

This weekend I’m going to head to Hamburg to walk on the ice. I mean, if I can tell stories like my Dad about walking over a frozen river, then I’m going to do it. On Saturday I’ll be exploring Lübeck and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

Oh and I know you want evidence of my hoarding…

Yeah, those are from two weeks ago. My collection has exponentially grown. I’m going to start naming them and referring to them as my pretties. Here’s to being crazy!



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