My maternal grandfather, Wally, is someone that makes this world a much better place.

He is a man who worked his fingers to the bone to feed and clothe his family.

He is a man who took care of his wife when she was sick, afraid and worn down by life.

He is a man who is quick with a joke.

He is a man who tells his grandchildren tall tales.

He is a man who knows the value of a smile.

He is a man who cuts out newspaper articles to read at a later time.

He is a man that can keep piles of lottery tickets for 10 years.

He is a man who apologized for giving me his nose. (I secretly love it. :))

He is a man who seeks answers to his questions.

He is a man who will indulge the request of a grandchild to take his picture.

I remember being little and going to my grandma and grandpa’s house. There were a few things that were certainties when we would visit; We would get Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream, Wally would convince me that he drank water drop by drop from the enormous water tower at the end of his street and before we left he would “check” the tires by giving them each a little kick.

This year I’m thankful for Wally.


2 Responses to Wally

  1. Bonnie says:

    Lacey, “What a fitting tribute” But…you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface in regards to the “tall tales.” LOL! He is…and always will be a character!” The one who weaves his spell over the “wee ones.” The one who thought the “hand sanitizer” at the grocery store, was a scanner?” LOL! LOL! LOL!

  2. sandy says:

    I read this late at night and was grinning ear to ear It is so touching to me. And as I always say he is our own little hobbit.

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