Miranda is one of my oldest friends and I always love getting to hang out with her and her little family. It seems like just yesterday we were passing notes in American Studies and buying glitter faceplates for our fancy Nokia cell phones. Now she spends her time picking her nose with her little boy, Emerson and her husband, Joe. Can I just say these three are some of the prettiest people I know. Seriously, they should model for GAP or something.

Those baby blues are killer. And so is that little smile. When he gets to kindergarten he’s going to have at least 700 girls wanting to share the crayons with him!

Hey guys, thanks for hanging out with me. Next time let’s go buy some glitter faceplates for our phones, OK?


One Response to Joe, Miranda and Emerson

  1. Miranda says:

    No, thank YOU! You are the one doing all the work… being gorgeous is the easy part! (haha) We are just lucky to have a friend as talented as you. We’re gonna start paying you for these someday.

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