Let’s just all take a deep breath before we dive into the craziness that will be the next few weeks and enjoy what this beautiful planet has to offer!


I took this photo while on vacation with my family in Maui, HI. These are rainbow eucalyptus trees and they are so smooth and pretty.


What is your favorite daydream escape?


A few weeks back I went up to Columbus to visit my friend Allison and while I was there I squeezed in a few family shoots. First up are Jason and Erica and their two adorable little girls, Maddy and MacKenzie. Not only was this family super sweet, but it seems they all just knew what to do. I love that!

Kenzie was in love with my camera. That’s not a fancy way of saying she liked having her photo taken, I mean she literally loved my camera. At one point she tottled over and plopped down in my lap to look at my camera. She stayed there while I shot some photos of her big sister. It was so cute!

When these photos were taken Maddy was 4-years-old and about to turn 5, but after spending an hour with her I think she is much closer to 25. She’s smart and fun and knows exactly how to smile. :) She’s going to be a handfull!

Thanks for spending some time with me Perkins family!


Brittany and AJ are awesome people who climb ladders and walk through (probably) snake infested grass simply because I asked them to. I can’t wait for their wedding in July. I’m currently thinking up new and daring feats for them to perform! In the meantime check out their beautiful and love-filled engagement session and while you’re at it, leave some comment love!


These were taken during a party with my people. Sometimes all you need is a cute kid and some fun parents!


A few weeks into my stay here in L√ľneburg an email was sent from one of the program coordinators asking if any of the students would be interested in having dinner with a German family. The family wanted to practice their English with a native speaker and in exchange would offer a home cooked meal. Considering I was subsisting on yogurt, cheese and random other dairy products (I’m only slightly kidding) I jumped at the chance.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Responding to that email has lead me to one of the nicest families I have ever met. Since this is only a sneak peek I’ll save more details for the later post, but before I get to the photo I’d just like to say that I am so so glad that fate led me to this family.

More to come soon!